Manorhamilton Municipal District - Monday, 13th December, 2021 2.30 pm

Contact: Nicola McManus  Meetings Administrator

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Notice of Motions


Motion from Councillor Sean McDermott:

I ask if the public lighting at the back of Mullin's Filling station Manorhamilton which lights up towards Arus Breffni and the lighting in front of the Primary Care Centre be repaired. A lot of lights in these areas are not working. Is the HSE or the Council responsible for the maintenance of these lights?


Motion from Councillor Sean McDermott:

The brickwork has become loose on the pathway on several locations at Arus Breffni housing estate, located directly behind Mullin's Filling station, Manorhamilton. This is very dangerous for the homeowners in this area. I ask the area office to assess the pathway for repairs.


Motion from Councillor Frank Dolan:

I ask that the problem with surplus water at the junction of the Carrickanurroo Road with the R286 be addressed, this is an ongoing problem that is affecting a property there.


Motion from Councillor Padraig Fallon:

I ask if an application has been made to the National Transport Authority seeking funding for the installation of bus shelters in this Municipal.


Motion from Councillor Padraig Fallon:

I ask what is the position regarding the Local Improvement Scheme (LIS), for example where all required documentation for current review cannot be gathered, where a beneficiary named on application is away, for example in hospital.


Motion from Councillor Mary Bohan:

I propose that the Amenity/Play Area in Drumkeeran be resurfaced and that the public lighting be extended on the R280.


Motion from Councillor Felim Gurn:

The tidy towns are doing their best and keeping the town tidy but there is an on going problem with over grown weeds coming up through the pavement all over the town.

Every year their marks in the national competition have gone up however for tourists and local people the over grown grass and weeds remain an eye sore for all. I ask the area office to review and see what actions can be carried out in this regard.


Motion from Councillor Justin Warnock:

I ask the Senior Roads Engineer, Terry McGovern, if he could ask his counterpart in Donegal County Council if they carried out a Road Safety audit at Lennox's Bridge before erecting the Yield sign on the Bundoran side of the bridge considering there is a Stop sign on the Kinlough side. This sign is causing some confusion for motorists and could cause serious legal problems in the event of an accident on the bridge.


Motion from Councillor Justin Warnock:

I ask the Water Services Department in the Council what spare capacity is there at the waste water treatment plant in Kinlough?


Motion from Councillor Felim Gurn:

I ask if the access to the new proposed site for the Gaelscoil at creamery road is going to be on the creamery road or on the Sligo Road. It has to take into account the level of traffic, pedestrians crossing, residents on creamery road with traffic calming measures to facilitate traffic coming and going via the amorset roundabout


Response to Motions - Manorhamilton MD - 13 December 2021